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Plant Power: UGG’s first plant-based collection

Plant Power: UGG’s first plant-based collection

UGG is not a new face in sustainability. Most of leathers they use, for example, are controlled and certified by the Leather Working Group protocol. It certifies that the product comes from leather manufacturers who are environmentally responsible.

But we are not talking about leather here, but about the first collection entirely created with vegetable raw materials, and zero carbon impact. Not a step, but a real leap into the world of sustainability that ensures customers an increasingly ethical future for UGG.

“From the plant to your feet” is the slogan you can find on the brand’s website, together with a reinterpretation of top products from the UGG universe: the Fluff Sugar sandals and the Neumel Natural ankle boots.

And here we come to the realization in raw materials. The ecological and colored fur of the fluffy sandals is made of TENCEL ™ lyocell. It is a wood pulp, from which regenerated cellulose fibers are obtained. Furthermore, the trees from which it is taken are responsibly cut.

The rubber for soles is instead obtained from natural latex of the Hevea rubber tree, which means that no tree is cut down for its creation. The Neumel Natural ankle boots’ canvas is instead made thanks to an eco-compatible blend of hemp and cotton, a blend that replaces the synthetic fibers that are usually used. Also, the hemp plant absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.

This laudable capsule collection, which we hope to see growing in the quantity of products offered soon, is only part of UGG’s initiative towards a more sustainable world. It is a big journey that the brand has called FEEL GOOD, in which it is committed to finding new production systems to increasingly reduce its environmental impact.


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