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Pre Fall 2021: Balmain

Pre Fall 2021: Balmain

Balmain’s aesthetic has evolved, in the last 10 years, according to the personal taste of Rousteing, the young creative director celebrating, in February, his first decade at the French Maison. Throughout these 10 years, Balmain never rhymed with leisurewear – which means comfy outfits for smart working and ton-sur-ton twinsets for long lockdown afternoon. Pre Fall 2021 collection is no exception as Rousteing reconfirms his will of not coming to terms with the current monotony.

Despite the current situation, with zero or so occasions to get dress and go out, Rousteing believes fashion is art, in the true sense of the word: it is a form of expression that requires inspiration, attention, tons of creativity, and it will never simply answer to our need of getting dressed, let alone the need of “be comfy”.  

image courtesy of Balmain

What has allowed Balmain to navigate the turbulent 2020 was (also) social media. Rousteing is a genius (also) in this field and he has been able to communicate each collection with great impact, emotionally involving his public despite the absence of a real runway. No one felt nostalgic for the old type of show when Balmain presented the collection on a massive boat along the Senna – live-streamed on every social media, all of which soon crashed because of the unbearable number of viewers. And the Spring Summer 2020 was fun, with all the guests connected through the webcam in a sort of huge Zoom Meeting taking place around a runway. In short, a very good and very smart communication strategy has supported absolutely refined collections which were otherwise quite anachronistic, for the current landscape: if there are no parties to go to, no one really needs an evening gown, right? 

image courtesy of Balmain

The Pre Fall 2021 collection used no special showcase because Rousteing believes there is no need anymore. We are going towards the year of the restart and clothes will be the only thing we will care about. With freedom closer and closer to us, Balmain decided to offer a “complete” collection, with outfits for every occasion, so that we will be prepared. There are archival pieces, influences that come from past collections and Rousteing’s private interest too (tennis, for instance). It is a way of collect all the beauty and positivity fashion has always brought along, to re-discover it again, in a sparkling 2021. The day-wear is made of printed suits, midi plissé skirts, audacious blazers and sporty touch. For the night-wear, mini dress with incredibly beautiful pastel embroideries, long shining gowns and some pallets. A must-have piece, for us: the cowboy monogram boots in baby pink from the first look.  

Cover image courtesy: Balmain


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