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Pre Fall 2021: Dior’s Pop Soul

Pre Fall 2021: Dior’s Pop Soul

There is, fluctuating in the air, a new wave of optimism, which is really welcomed after such a uncertain period. May be because of the approaching Christmas’s holiday, or because of the New Year’s Eve that will finally put an end to this chapter and bring a bright new year of opportunities. Or may be the effect of the vaccine, the very first tangible solution to the pandemic, which gives us hope. Either way, we feel a bit more confident and open to the future and we hope you share our feeling. 

Christian Dior’s atelier in Paris certainly does, as we can see from the good vibes generating from its latest pre fall 2021 collection. It is incredibly rich, immaginative and over-the-top. During the press conference, Maria Grazia Chiuri spoke from the heart: there have been many difficult times, uncertainty was palpable and everything has changed so radically all of a sudden, but, at the end of the day, it is crucial to remember what fashion is all about, which is creating Beauty, in its multifaceted and magical way. It cannot solve all our problems but, as the creative director says, it can make them lighter to bare. 

This is the starting point of the Pre Fall 2021 collection, which takes the distances from all we said so far and, instead of having basic/comfy/ever-green pieces (the plain fashion everybody was talking about during lockdown), it presents funny and playful outfits. In the video made for the launching of the collection, the Dior’s Pop Vibe is echoed by the soundtrack, which says “we are going out tonight, let’s disco”. The idea is pretty clear. 

The next fall winter will be, in the mind of Mrs. Chiuri, like it was when she began, at the end of the last century: Fiorucci’s experiments, tones of fun and an animalier coat by Christian Dior. Animalier is indeed everywhere in the collection, but so it is vinyl, leather, net-fish fabric, veils, sequins on garments and in makeup as well. In Christian Dior’s club there are no rules, but only confusion and excitement, to be alive and free once again. Fashion, in its turn, won’t follow any season trends nor forecast, but everything will be welcomed, according to personal expression and desires. Dior will accommodate even the craziest dreams: for instance, if some of you would desperately need an orange mini dress with little green dragons print will be happy to know Dior Fall 2021 has one ready. 


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