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Pre Fall 2021: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Pre Fall 2021: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Preen by  Thornton Bregazzi Pre Fall 2021 collection revolves around the idea of “magic realism”, as the two designers call it themselves. It is a form of escapism well planted in the real world and, while it looks like an oxymoron, it rather is the way we live every day of our life. Covid19’s lockdown fostered it even more, but this type of daily wonder used to happen in our daily life even before the crisis. Every day our mind wonders: new landscapes to discover, goals to reach, the game of life goes on unstopped on the continuous overlap of who we are and who we could be.  The evasion passes through clothes as well. We need little to “transform” ourselves.

What Thornton e Bregazzi actually mean is, more precisely, the magic of the circus, with its characters always moving from the real and the unreal. The dresses of the collection – because, yes, the collection is made of (only) dresses – are fantastic volumes and frills, irregular cuts and more or less planned contrasts. They are playful and joyful, also thank the patchwork, which was already the protagonist of the previous collection by Preen (the one made during the lockdown, with the two little daughters of the duo) and which comes back again as a huge future trend. Chez Preen, business always meets pleasure and the patchwork is not simply beautiful to be seen but also sustainable. The majority of the fabrics come from the archive of old clothes, recycled clothes and dismissed materials of the brand, which gives them an entirely new life and proves to everybody that sustainability can be cool too.

Of course, every approach to sustainability is important and useful, but Preen, using recycled and discarded materials, hit the problem straight: to lower our impact we simply need to produce less. Thus, what’s better than creating with what we already have? Each garments of the Pre Fall 2021 by preen is beautiful in its own essence, but with this philosophy as a background the entire collection becomes even more valuable. 

Cover image courtesy: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi


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