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“Punk is a state of mind” editorial

“Punk is a state of mind” editorial

Punk is angry.

And why are you angry?

Are you kidding me? Have you looked around? We live in constant social injustice, and there is no solution because, unfortunately, anarchy is a beautiful utopia that can never be applied. If you are smart enough you can never be a truly happy human being. You won’t be able to look around and just be happy. At most you will be able to laugh, mock the power. Mocking those who feel at ease in this world and who don’t believe that being standardized and pigeonholed is a problem.

Preview from S/S 2023 issue

Photography Karoliina Bärlund

Style Sanna Silander

Model Arina Besedina c/o VECTOR

Makeup, Hair Style Jenny Jansson c/o MIKAs LOOKs

using Mádara Cosmetics

Style assistance Noora Lähdesmäki


"more than a fashion magazine"



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