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Ralph Lauren launches first sustainable cotton-dyeing system

Ralph Lauren launches first sustainable cotton-dyeing system

Ralph Lauren launched the Color on Demand system, a platform that aims at revolutionizing the cotton-dyeing system in the fashion industry. The new project includes the first zero water waste system in the world.

The implementation of this new strategy lies in the study of the current dyeing system. According to research trillions of liters of water per year are wasted on dyeing techniques. If not properly disposed of, the water that comes from the chemical process can be extremely polluting.

Color on Demand aims at significantly reducing the water to be used, but also at reducing colors, costs and time used in the process.

According to Halide Alagöz, Ralph Lauren’s chief of product and sustainability officer: “Traditional color dyeing is one of the most polluting practices in our industry, and as a global brand, we recognized the need to create a scalable solution. Color on Demand significantly reduces the environmental impact of dyeing cotton, and as an added benefit, will enable us to better balance inventory and meet personalized consumer demands faster than ever before”.

The first phase of the project consists in optimising the use of the Ecofast Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment system. Together with Dow, the materials science expert, this process will aim to reduce water use by 40%, chemical products by 85%, the energy used by 90% and the carbon footprint by 60%. The brand aims to integrate the use of Ecofast in all logistics departments by 2021.

By 2025, the American giant is committed to using Cotton on Demand in over 80% of its cotton products. Together with Dow, the other partner companies in this project are Jenealogia, garment and fabric finishing leader, global chemicals company Huntsman Textile Effects and Corob, a group specialized in the optimization of technological solutions.

Cover credits: Ralph Lauren


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