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“Renaissance Obsession” webcover of the month

“Renaissance Obsession” webcover of the month

What if we expanded our imagination? What could happen if time flies back with a magic wand? With current scientific progress and globalization, modern man can alter reality. Could the beautiful kingdoms of the past peacefully meet the modern world? How could it be possible that enchanting medieval queens and characters could see the 21st century daily life?
These questions were answered by the Moscow team of photographer Irina Bunyatyan and stylist Daniil K.

Photography Irina Bunyatyan
Style Daniil K
Makeup, Hair Style Tatyana Kaya (for Olga, Ginni, Ali )
Tatyana Hrolenko (for Lana, Anastasia, Aslan)
Models Ali, Ginni c/o Tsunami Agemcy
Aslan Tsallatti c/o Neon Models
Olga Makeeva, Daniil K c/o Modus Vivendis
Lana c/o Rush Models
Anastasia Zhidkova c/o Lilas Model


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