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Same dress: 4 different look

Same dress: 4 different look

Often, when we talk about sustainable clothes, or pieces that have a high cost (or medium-high) we tell ourselves that fast fashion always wins because everyone can afford it.

And if we started to do a different reasoning?

It is true, we perceive a 20 euros dress as less demanding than one that costs 100. We tell ourselves “I do not have 100 euros for a single dress, with 100 euros in fast fashion I buy shoes, a dress, a handbag and maybe even a t-shirt “.

Okay, this may be true but how many times have we then regretted the choice of those 20 euro shoes that broke in a month? Or did our feet hurt because of poor quality? I think that even on the fingers of both hands we can count how many times something like this happened to us.

So the 20 euro pair of shoes must then be bought again, or replaced with another one after a short time, not to mention that the feeling of wearing good fabrics is quite different. So at the end of the year we may have even exceeded those 100 euros that we didn’t want to spend at the beginning for that better quality piece.

So far consumerism has taught us that having more objects is always better than having less. Although at the expense of quality but guys, that time is over. We are entering the era of conscious and sustainable purchasing, and I would therefore say that we can also start to think about the fact that our mothers, when they told us to buy the best quality coat and maybe only one instead of two, were right.

It is obvious that in any case we all want to have 10 coats too, but what I think is important is to understand how many outfits you could create with just one piece, just that good quality piece that you finally bought spending a little more.

Here we used as an example a dress by Massimo Dutti from € 99.95 in pied de poule pattern, an available on Zalando at prices that are anything but prohibitive but with an indisputable taste.

We show you how to combine it in 4 different looks, showing you that you can use the same dress in summer, winter and even with a different mood, more rock, sporty or elegant.



Dress Massimo Dutti

Sunglasses Weekday

Earrings Sweet Deluxe

Clutch Sweet Deluxe

Coat Mango

Abito Massimo Dutti | Orecchini & Clutch Sweet Deluxe | Cappotto Mango | Occhiali da sole Weekday


Dress Massimo Dutti

Sunglasses Aldo

Earrings Sweet Deluxe

Wicker bag Sweet Deluxe

Woven sandals Co wren


Dress Massimo Dutti

Bag Sweet Deluxe

Boots Pull&Bear

Faux leather jacket Stradivarius


Dress Massimo Dutti

White jacket Pull&Bear

Sneakers Coolway

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