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“Say Minimal” webitorial

“Say Minimal” webitorial

Minimalism is a growing trend of today, for many different reasons. It comes after a rather unusual year, which has given us time to reflect on ourselves. We indeed spent days and months stuck at home with not much to do but facing our material possessions. They have proved to be unnecessary and not satisfactory when other, more important things were missing – health and affections, for instance.

Minimalism seems a great way to “get undressed” from our material stuff and to give space to more valuable, immaterial things. Researchers confirm it, when (pre-pandemic) they were already registering a change in the consumption habits of the younger generations: less “things”, more experiences (travel, activities, exhibitions and artistic-expression-related opportunities). In the clothing practice, minimalism can be a safe harbour: few garments very well selected, it sounds like the formula to dismiss the stress many of us experiment in front of the wardrobe in the morning. Not only. A minimal lifestyle can also be a solution to the sustainability issue. More we discuss it, the clearer it becomes that, to slow down pollution, a drastic reduction in consumption is mandatory. Why not begin then to build a thoughtful minimal style, always remembering it is not a synonym of scarce fantasy, but rather a tangible symbol of sophistication?

Photography Keila Guilarte
Style Martina Riebeck c/o Kathrin Hohberg GmbH & Co.KG
Model Lisa c/o POP Models
Makeup, Hair Style Antonia Deffenu

White leathercoat and trousers Giada
Camel wool coat, shoes, loafers Max Mara
Beige suit in wool Stella McCartney
Long woollen dress Giada
Long woollen coat Giada


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