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“Stefanie Gurzanski: the (genuine) way of influencing”

“Stefanie Gurzanski: the (genuine) way of influencing”

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Stefanie Gurzanski is a Canadian model who knew how to use her weapons. Instagram among others, to expand her success and reach as much public as possible. It looks like a story similar to many others today, but she translated success in her own way, without losing who was before and her goals.

We talked with her about the beginnings – as Playmate year 2014 – and about what followed, her personal interests and her genuine idea of “influencing” new generations, a very important task that Stefanie faces with honesty.

You grow a lot on Instagram and Your reputation arose: how was Your life before it and what were Your plans? When did You start modeling?

I started modeling in high school. Before modeling I had a couple of jobs but nothing really satisfied me, I always wanted to travel and explore more! I started modeling at 17yo and have not looked back since. 

Redemption dress

You have now 1,5 million followers. How do you feel about influencing the next generation? It’s a huge responsibility, isn’t it? 

I aim to be as real as possible on social media. I only promote brands that I genuinely like and use. I think it’s a huge responsibility because public figures have a big influence on what people put into and on their bodies and I like to make sure I am aware of that. 

How do You usually shop? 


Stella Mc Cartney swim top

What’s Your all-time-favorite item and why? 

I never leave without my incense diffuser & silk pillowcase so I feel comfortable everywhere I go. 

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I know it’s very hard to express preferences, but you worked with many photographers and creatives: which work did you prefer – the funniest, craziest, the most inspiring? 

I find the work I love the most is done when I have a good creative connection with the photographer. The funniest was when I was shooting in public, I love to see people’s reactions. 

The craziest, was in busy places trying to wait as long as I can until there was no one else in my shot! It’s really hard! 

See by Chloe balloon sleeves dress

You worked for magazines as well and you were playmate of the year 2017 for Playboy: how did it feel? It’s an important step.

Yes. That’s where I started modeling. When I was young I loved the playboy brand so it was a really cool moment for me, being named playmate of the year at such a young age. 

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But you also hit the runway this summer in Miami: what’s the best part of being a model? The incredible emotion of the live show or see your face on the cover? 

For me it’s so incredible seeing my work on print in magazines! I treasure those magazines and opportunities! The runway is tons of fun. I love the process before the show with all the girls, the anticipation and excitement and the walk is a great feeling, very empowering!

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Coming to self care: we want to know everything, from Your beauty routine to how many times you go to the gym. It’s a job for You, but also a matter of self love? 

I am obsessed with good skin products. One of my favorite brands is Skin Cuticles. I go to the gym every so often but I’m usually at Pilates classes. When I’m on a good schedule I go 3 times a week. I love slow movement workouts!

Saint Laurent high waisted shorts

And what about Your free time: what do you like to do?

In my free time I’m usually around the people I love and my pup! 

Words by Giulia Greco

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