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“Sull’Orlo dell’Estate” editorial

“Sull’Orlo dell’Estate” editorial

Preview editorial from S/S 2021 issue

Summer love, the thing that kept us busy
Summer love, the thing that drives us crazy but summer love always ends
Summer lovers, think it’s forever
Summer lovers, try to put in the effort but summer lovers aways end up as friends
Summer romances, the relationships that feels never-ending
Summer romances, the thing on Instagram that’s “trending”
but summer romances are going to be dead-ends
Summer, the warmest time in the year
Summer, the time when adults celebrate by grabbing a beer,
but summer will come and go
Summer love, you will never know how it turns out
but summer love, will never work out
Summer lovers, love each other very much
but summer lovers, will lose touch
Summer romance, could be your year’s highlight but summer romance,
is why you will have to say goodbye
Summer will always be in your heart
Sometimes you will need a fresh start and save the memories,
but remember the happy times

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Left: Blouse, Skirt, Pants & Earring all ACNE STUDIOS
Right: Jersey Body, Skirt ALESSANDRO VIGILANTE | Black Diamond Clutch BENEDETTA BRUZZICHES

Photography, Art Direction, Set Design Domenico Petralia c/o Production Link
Style Nadia Bonalumi
Models Natalia Napieralska c/o Fashion models & Rose Ndiaye c/o Brave models
Hair Style Barbara Bertuzzi c/o Freelancer agency
Makeup Lucia Giacomin using Qstudio makeup
Style assistance Stefania Furiosi
Production Passepartout4u by Johannes March
Post Production Virgil Hritcu
Photography Assistance Fabio Massari, Chiara Lormarini
Special thanks to Bar Studio

Lace minidress, Brass earrings with pearls and crystals all STELLA McCARTNEY


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