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Sustainability: the three brands that are revolutionizing the activewear

Sustainability: the three brands that are revolutionizing the activewear

At a time when sustainability is gradually becoming part of our daily practices and language, fashion is perhaps the one among all the industries that most needs a radical change of direction towards an environment-friendly solution that, however, also aims to safeguard the well-being of the body and mind. This is how sustainability and the world of sports come into contact, promoting a message that expands the concept of sustainable practices also to physical and mental well-being.

In this scenario, according to Vogue Italia, there are three leading international brands.

Among these, Norba promotes products created by women for women, functional for both sports and daily practices. The brand was born in 2018 in Ukraine, from the creative minds of ​​two sisters Olha and Helen Norba. The products are made of econyl, (recycled nylon from waste and plastic collected from the oceans) and range from leggings to tops, ideal for practicing pilates or yoga, but also for more intense activities.

The two creatives told Vogue that: “We created Norba about two years ago wanting to create a perfect and minimal type of clothing for training. The idea of ​​athleisure has been around for some time, but we noticed that it was still impossible to find sportswear that perfectly suited the women’s wardrobe. Developing a brand responsibly in this particular historical moment is not optional, it is the only option we have and it is exactly what everyone in the fashion world should do now. […] “

Inhala Soulwear was created by three Peruvian yogins. Promoting a lifestyle dedicated to the well-being of mind and body is the mission of the brand. The term Inhala, deriving from the English “inhale” (to breathe) reminds us that breathing is at the basis of the connection between mind and body, and therefore perfectly in line with the message they want to convey. Inhala also promotes “slow-fashion” production, creating small capsule collections in certified laboratories and in collaboration with international designers and artists.

The products are colorful and simple and created with organic materials including packaging, in which there is also a basil seed that the customer can plant.

The Minu is the brand born in 2019 and created by Alessandra Albertini. The brand’s intentions are clear and resonate with the slogan: activewear that cares. In addition to sustainability, the fundamental concepts that are at the core of the brand are femininity, performance and style. After an experience in India in which she approached the world of yoga, Alessandra reflected on the combination of comfort and femininity in sports practices. 

The main material is econyl here too, combined with imaginative and colorful prints that manage to make the workout a little less heavy and more creative and livelier. Leggings and tops adapt to any type of shape and sporting need. The peculiarity of the brand is that each top bears the name of a famous woman, sporty and not; the top Steffi Graf is in fact dedicated to the famous tennis player who won the Grand Slam, the top Hypatia instead, is dedicated to the brilliant Greek astronomer and philosopher. “[…] The Minu is a brand that focuses on inner well-being as well as physical well-being, because playing sports is good for the mind even before the body. Alessandra told Vogue Italia “I have never been an ad-hoc sportswoman but through the practice of yoga I understood that being sporty could have many facets.”

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