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Szade’s sustainable sunglasses are now available in Europe

Szade’s sustainable sunglasses are now available in Europe

Finally, Australian brand Szade lands in Europe on the new e-commerce platform, bringing the new sustainable and recycled sunglasses.

For two years, the brand has conducted research and experiments to ensure that the glasses have the same functionality as the classic ones, while also guaranteeing a sustainable production. This research has resulted in sunglasses made entirely of scrap or obsolete materials.

Szade’s aim is to “break the waste cycle in the fashion industry and reduce it to almost zero”. Indeed, the brand’s objectives are manifold; at the base there’s the will to propose a cutting-edge design that does not hinder the well-being of the planet, disposing also of affordable prices.

Szade’s purpose has been awarded and certified with the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) for the way materials are sourced. The style, however, is not completely overshadowed by eco-sustainable intentions, on the contrary: the brand indeed, offers a wide range of styles, colors and sizes, perfectly suiting any aesthetic need.

Cover courtesy: Szade


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