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THE BRANDO: Sustainable luxury resort

THE BRANDO: Sustainable luxury resort

This would be the perfect reward for enduring a year and a half like this. Still, most people are now looking for places to have fun, certainly not a place of total isolation like the one we are about to offer you. But it all depends on what “type” of pandemic you have been through.

Some of us, who continued to work, did nothing but hear the complaints of all people day by day. So yes, the lack of fun is felt but the desire for a moment of total peace is incredibly strong. Waking up, breathing in pure air deeply, hearing the sound of the waves, watching the curtains move slightly with the wind, knowing that you are really on vacation, without worries. With no problems from anyone to listen to. With nothing to organize. Time marked only by the moving of the sun.

Speaking of Polynesia there are a thousand places that we could mention, and a whole magazine would not be enough to talk about it. But this Tetiaroa atoll is special. Marlon Brando, who was there in 1962 for the shooting of the film Mutiny on the Bounty, immediately understood this. He bought the atoll soon after and lived there with his third wife for a long part of his life.

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