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“The Factory” editorial

“The Factory” editorial

As we all know, fashion is one of the main sources of creating desirable products in the world. But do we always have an idea where the items we buy come from? Experts speak of a sharp deterioration, during the pandemic, in the conditions of employees in the textile sector in non-Western countries, conditions that were not already so good. This process of exploitation starts in the 1970s, with globalization, when companies relocated their production to underdeveloped countries. An era of workers hidden by complex supply chains began. This system of exploitation was seeing a small change thanks to the information of consumers, who were learning to keep an eye on what they were buying.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic and everyone losing money, the situation has falled again. It is up to us, consumers, to continue to buy consciously and not lose sight of the final goal. A goal that sees all clothing companies committed to demonstrating the entire supply chain they use.

Preview from S/S 20222 issue

Photography Patrick Schwalb

Style Tu Anh Ngo c/o Liganord Agency

Model Yvonne Bevanda c/o Munich models

Hair Style, Makeup Tobias Binderberger c/o Bigoudi

Digital Assistance Maike Denecke


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