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The future of Italian fashion is sustainable and digital

The future of Italian fashion is sustainable and digital

Il futuro della moda è sostenibile e digitale copertina 1

In the eighth round of a series of conferences entitled: “Time of Rebirth – Scenarios, ideas, planning”, conceived by the communication agency DOC-COM, the future of Italian fashion was discussed in the face of the latest challenges the sector is facing following the pandemic.

It has emerged that Italian fashion represents an invaluable patrimony for the nation and that, as never before, concepts such as sustainability, quality, and accessibility will be the pillars of the sector.

Antonio Franceschini, National Manager of CNA Federmoda inaugurated the conference with these words: “We must pass on the message that, in the fashion sector, in particular, the Made in Italy has been enriched with values ​​increasingly referring to the area of ​​social responsibility and that it interprets not only the values ​​of beauty and quality of the products but also those of sustainable production from a social, ethical and environmental point of view. Italy can position itself in the international context as a factory of beauty, thanks also to an integrated supply chain in our industrial districts; however, a shared vision is needed, a united supply chain to recognize the economic value of skills along with all the links in the business chain.”

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Dopo turismo, sport, hospitality ed enogastronomia, questa volta #TEMPOdiRINASCITA affronterà le prospettive e i cambiamenti del settore moda. Giovedì 11 giugno, alle ore 12.00, saremo insieme a:
 Antonio Franceschini – Responsabile Nazionale CNA #Federmoda 
Luca De Albertis – Partner Pix Data Marketing 
Maria Elena Molteni – Direttore responsabile di @luxuryandfinance_official, collabora con @fortune_italia e @pambianconews 
Marco Calzolari – Titolare e Amministratore Unico @kaosofficialpage, @centergross_official 
Claudia D’Angelo – Responsabile Archivio Textile Design, @fondazionefri 
Lorenzo Delladio – CEO e Presidente @lasportivagram 
Marco Morosini – CEO @brandinatheoriginal 
Luca Piani – CEO @duveticaofficial Per partecipare è necessario accreditarsi a A presto! . . . #Comunicazione #Moda #60minutes #DOCCOM #digitalconference #conference #conferenze #federmoda #cna #madeinitaly #fashion #style #duvetica #brandina #fashionresearch #kaos #centergross #fortuneitalia #luxuryandfinance #pixdata

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Since January 2020 PixData, digital intelligence and consulting company, together with, has analyzed the web sentiment relating to the Made in Italy. What has emerged is that eco-sustainability, quality and accessibility will constitute the future of Italian fashion.

About 110 thousand conversations on fashion discourse were analyzed, as well as the relationship with consumers, who are mostly part of the Z generation (35.7%) and millennials (32.1%). These young consumers are more sensitive to environmental issues and are looking for quality products that last over time. However, their interest in sustainability is inversely proportional to their low purchasing power. The challenge for companies is to attract this portion of consumers to purchases quality products and at the same time at low prices. Reuse seems like a solution.

“For example, there are new digital subscription businesses that stimulate reuse, put the emphasis on customer redemption, leaving ample space for acquisition costs, which we know is the great criticality of today’s e-commerce”, says De Albertis, co- Pixdata CEO. Another change will be that in the retail sector, which will become a platform no longer focused solely on the sale of products but on the storytelling of the brand.

Another voice from the choir is that of Maria Elena Molteni, director of Luxury & Finance. According to Molteni, reshoring, internationalization and digitization will be the frontiers of post-covid-19 fashion. “Today [the digital] becomes a necessity”. Not only to give birth to digital twins capable of surfing the waves of a possible new health crisis, but also to be increasingly present in the world “.

Marco Casolari, owner and administrator of Kaos SpA, spoke instead of fast fashion. According to him, the ready-to-wear fashion well managed the situation during the lockdown thanks to the slimmer structure of the supply chain. “Fast fashion can be seen as an alternative and winning business model for its ability to resilience, endurance, and immediate reaction,” he said.

Claudia D’Angelo, head of the Textile Design Archive at the Fashion Research Italy Foundation in Bologna spoke of heritage and the archive as keys to the future: “I am convinced that in order to grow, companies need to take back their past to make it alive, an inexhaustible source of creativity and research, a sure way of access to innovation and internationalization processes “.

Lorenzo Delladio, CEO and president of La Sportiva, a sports footwear company, has invited to slow down production, adapting it to a more conscious and slow lifestyle, not aiming solely at consumerism. Marco Morosini, CEO of Brandina The Original, on the other hand, made an appeal to the government, inviting it to consider the fashion, culture, and tourism sectors more. These were the ones that suffered the most losses following the lockdown and that needed the most aid and funding.

Finally, Luca Piani, CEO of Duvetica International, specialized in the production of padded outerwear, underlined the importance of digitalization: “We are now in a world that accelerates the contact between the company and the final consumer and in this, the digital offers enormous advantages, not only in the interaction with people, but also in the review and optimization of internal organizational processes without which internationalization and survival at times like the recent lockdown would not have been possible. “

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