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Thom Browne Menswear Pre Fall 2021

Thom Browne Menswear Pre Fall 2021

At a time as uncertain as this, Thom Browne‘s creations seem to be the perfect holds to grasp to regain a bit of stability. 
In every collection, the American designer never fails to contradict himself and to present clothes that follow a style narrative that changes little if not for some detail. 

Nowadays, this strategy seems to be the best one, as he’s one of the few designers that has managed to keep sales levels quite stable. 

With this pre-fall 21 collection, Thom Browne returns to amaze us while remaining true to the canons that distinguish him, among which we can find grey suits, Scottish textiles and kilts.

In these creations, those elements believed to be more feminine merge into menswear with a carefully curated combination of striped textures, Scottish kilts, shetland plaids and hats with a victorian vibe. 

The squares and pleats of coats and skirts give dimensionality to the garments, contrasting with the squared and straight cuts and leather accessories. Some American influences are translated in the red stripes on coats and trousers, enhancing the adaptability of all looks to the different shades of contemporaneity.

Images courtesy of Thom Browne


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