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Trends we’re going to love this fall winter

Trends we’re going to love this fall winter

Autumn is here again and a quiet unconventional year comes to its final stage. It is time for some relief, especially for the ones working in the fashion system, which has been particularly shaken. Future is still uncertain, but going back to the usual routine and appointments can help us feeling better. So, here we are with new seasonal trends, which bring along a wave of wellness to us writing, but also to our readers. Nothing compares new season’s excitement in the fashion field, with its colours and its fabrics, with the adrenaline and the endless possibilities new beginnings always have.

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In the latest period, the monolithic institution of trends has experimented changes too, as much as anything else. First of all, they last longer. If we want to build a better future, trends are the starting point when it comes to fashion, in order to reduce waste and buy less but better. Our choices are smart and chameleonic, they survive seasons and can adapt to different looks and occasions. You can wear a fluffy sweater in the evening and then pair it with a white shirt the day after at the office. Edgy combinations can be softened with tailored garments, such as a lace bodice worn with a pair of wool gabardine trousers.

SHEARLING: Noisy May Nmgabi Jacket | Emory Park Jumpsuit | Depp Leather Sabot | Crap Eyewear Sunglasses | FRINGES: Signature 8 Fringed jeans dress
BIKER: River Island Jumpsuit | Public Desire Survivor Chunky Boots

However things do not get boring, on the contrary. The new season prefers strong tones, literally speaking and not. Colours and prints go together without following strict rules: we can’t wait to wear white in winter and colour block outfits are coming back stronger than ever. Fabrics and shapes are just as good. Velvet is protagonist, together with leather (in each colour you may like) and shearling.
Fringes are everywhere and sequin too.
The real passe-partout are accessories and jewelry: if well chosen they’ll stay with you all life long. Thank to them we can redefine our perception of genre and feminism, with a general going back to uncompromised femininity.

Read more about trends in FW 2020/21 issue HERE

SEQUIN: Rahi dress | Simmi London gold coloured chains sandals | FRINGES: MyMo sweater
EARTH TONES: Trendyol Long Dress | Only Drapy Coat | Sweet Deluxe Earrings



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