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“Twin Flames” editorial

“Twin Flames” editorial

Here we are talking about Love.

Perhaps, to make a scene, I should have started by saying that we are here talking about Queer Love. The couple of models in this editorial, in fact, are a real couple in real life and it is the first time they pose together for a photo shoot. So we are therefore very grateful to them for giving us some of their intimacy and such fresh beauty.

In fashion, as in many other artistic environments, we are clearly all used to different sexual orientations, to the point that no one pays attention about it anymore and it is total normality. A peace of mind. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for the rest of the world and it is really painful to still see people who offend on the street, people who exclude others from work business, and worst of all watching families against their children and relatives based on their sexual orientation. I don’t know how long we have to wait to see the end of these horrors, and if a truly MODERN global society will ever come, but until then we must keep fighting and talk about it in order to save, at least, the minds of the younger ones

Preview from S/S 20222 issue

Photography Diego Bendezu

Production Daria Bendezu

Style Brit Cato

Models Nyja Abdullah c/o Heroes Models & Sydney Acker c/o Muse Models

Makeup Ai Yokomizo c/o Bridge Artists

Hair Style Yu Nakata c/o 87 Artists

Style Assistance Gabriella Onessimo

Photo Assistance Brandon Abreu & Collin Elliott

Casting Direction Kevin Chung @ KEV


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