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“What we wouldn’t be the same again: Gucci explains why its future will be different”

“What we wouldn’t be the same again: Gucci explains why its future will be different”

Gucci joined the dissidents’ group, following the wish of its creative director Alessandro Michele. Through a message related on Instagram, the brand declared it won’t follow the fashion calendar anymore. It is the beginning of an exclusive journey towards new rhythms and a more genuine creativity.

Alessandro Michele has explained his decision, the reasons behind it and his future plan. He spoke with open heart about himself and his team. Such a change asks for team work indeed, and the upcoming benefits will involve every person in the chain.

Gucci’s Instagram page published, in the latest three days, “extracts” of Michele’s personal diary. The decision to leave the calendar – together with its nomenclatures and constrictions – has gained shape in the designer’s mind like a proper personal reflection, in a rather mystic stream of consciousness, between ethereal words, ancient mythology and an epic tone we are no more used to, but we are deeply effected by.

Once again, Michele’s fascinating personality has shown rare sensibility, gaining for him a spot in the Olympus. It has been perfectly supported, as usual, by the impeccable communication of the brand. Gucci’s success is indeed due to the perfect combination of ideas, contents, communication and, of course, visionary creativity. The label is one of the more active when it comes to sustainability and this latest decision is coherent with the rest. For this reason it is even more appreciated.

We have already explained the economic aftermaths we will face: such a visceral change will affect all the system. Less jobs and, probably, lower profits, without mentioning the fast fashion’s competition whose future is still unclear. Despite of it, more we go on more the necessity of a revolution seems inevitable. Michele himself wrote that “the greatest risk, for our tomorrow, is abdicating our responsibility for a true and necessary discontinuity”.

Time will give us answers, as it usually does. In the meantime, Gucci does not fear competition. The decision will probably increase market’s enthusiasm towards the brand and, after all, to cultivate expectations is the best way to give value to things.

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