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WRITERS: Alys Jackman, Laura Zanovello, Nina Hanz, Veronica Valdambrini, Eleonora Moneta, Gaétane Auffret


LAYOUT ASSISTANTS: Giuseppe Sindoni, Laura Bobak



The review of trends from Fashion Weeks F/W 2019-20

The best accessories from street style at fashion weeks

Pantone Living Coral color of the year, in design and fashion

Paco Rabanne fashion metallurgist

The Must Have not to be missed for spring 2019

Victoria Beckham and her 25 years of beauty looks

The return of the Cargo in fashion

The new Versace campaign with Bella Hadid and Lucky Blue Smith

Contemporary fashion photographers to follow

Goodbye, Karl Lagerfeld

Celebrities turned designers

Paradise in Kenya at Campi ya Kanzi

COVER STORY: Photography, Production, Art Direction Les Mijotés, Style Bàrbara Vélez, Model Shaughnessy Brown c/o New York models, Makeup Victor Noble, Hair style Amy Farid c/o Honey Artists, Set Design Izzy Garcia


EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS: Katharina Werle, Det Kempke, Tim Thiel, Vasilis Topouslidis, Les Mijotés, Domenico Petralia, Piotr Krawczyk, Slavica Veselinovic, Paulina Wesolowska, Alessandro Esposito


AGENCIES INVOLVED: WhyNot models, Passepartout4u srl, Freelance Agency, Line Up, Brave models, Wonderwall, Rebel models, More models, Women Management Milano, Honey Artists, New York Models, M4 models, Louisa models, Dtales Creative Agency, Milk Management, Muga model management


INTERVIEW: Model in cover Shaughnessy Brown by Eleonora Moneta

April 2019 issue #11 - ENGLISH

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