December 2019 issue #15 – ENGLISH



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“more than a fashion magazine”



Password: planet earth.

With the whole world crying out for the climate scandal, here we are (totally this time) dedicating ourselves to what, personally, is the most emotional in the world, nature.

How you can ignore certain topics and not give it importance in your private life is something I will never understand, but if you have a media tool and don’t use it to do the right information then it’s even worse.

Photography is a powerful means for launching messages, so I hope you will appreciate ours in the 10 dedicated editorials, interviews and articles that have lovingly formed this December issue.



  • Fashion Today, the global trend is nature
  • The German activist Luisa Neubauer – interview
  • Cover story: Into the Woods with model Gunce Gozutok
  • Lisa Wright and her little forest’s guardians – interview
  • Exhibitions not to be missed
  • Emma Witter and her art in bones a – interview
  • FW19 Must Have inspired by nature
  • Beauty products for this winter? The answer is Nature Vibe
  • From Stranger Things to Doctor Sleep, chat with the young actress Chelsea Talmadge – interview
  • A guide to what wear on a snow holiday
  • What the Greenwashing is? And how can we crush it?
  • Selina Wamucii, the African farmer who’s really helping her country
  • The architecture of Future is Green, and Visionary
  • Our sustainable winter holiday. Discover with us 6 top places in northern Italy
  • and 10 amazing editorials!







Giulia Greco, Ludovica Mucci, Marta Forgione



Frank Widemann, Oliver Beckmann,

Kevin Alexander, Eva Schwank,

Aleksandra Buca, Mattia Pasin,

Katharina Werle, Flavia Sistiaga,

Jaan Eric Fischer, Christina Kapl



A-management, NEXT worldwide,

Nina Klein, MN-creative, Uschirabe,

Muse NYC, Premier models,

Louisa models, Milk management,

United for models, Kathrin Hohberg,

LE management, Izaio management


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