DIGITAL – December 2018 issue #9 – English



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It is time for all of us to take our future in our hands, our life and find our way to be happier. Understand what those big or small changes are that could make you feel somehow realized. To get to know ourselves better and improve the quality of our time on this world. And if the opportunity to realize your dreams seems like utopia, then maybe you’re not doing the right dreams, or you have to change the main characters in the story.




WRITERS: Laura Zanovello, Nina Hanz, Gaétane Auffret, Masha Mitrofanova


LAYOUT ASSISTANTS: Giuseppe Sindoni, Laura BobakCOVER STORY: Johannes Graf c/o Hille-photographers, Stefanie Schwaiger c/o Perfect Props Berlin & Phoenix Agentur, Naomi L c/o Munich-models, Vroni Eder c/o Nina Klein


EDITORIAL’S PHOTOGRAPHERS: Patrick Schwalb, Johannes Graf, Ellyse Anderson, Nicky Emmerson, Dudek Vel Dudek, Mag Juchnik, Greg Adamsky, Silke Schlotz, Patrick Glocker, Andrew Hiles, Raffaele Marone


AGENCIES INVOLVED: Nina Klein, Phoenix Agentur, Bigoudi, Perfect Prop Berlin, Nobasura, Les Ateliers Beauté d’Ouchy, Makata, Hille-photographers, Agent Bauer, Munich models, Supreme, Neva models, Rebel models, Mango models, ICE models, Brodybookings, Models1, Select model mgmt


INTERVIEWS: Sustainable and ethic brands Reve En Vert, Armedangels


ARTICLES: Maison Poiret Comeback, Sustainable gift guide for Accessories, the Best Art expositions to see in major European cities, New Year’s Eve makeup ideas, the Age of Bodega Bags, the best Brands in Homeware, Loic Prigent: fashion’s favorite insider​, etc