DIGITAL October 2019 issue #14 – ENGLISH




“more than a fashion magazine”



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With the many fast technological changes and the

mountain of possible innovations in any field, we try to

stay “up to date” even on the thousand options that we

now have to be really more “futuristic”.

New materials to make non-polluting fabrics,

elimination of real furs from clothing production and

many other realities that can finally be part of us and

the new fashion world. We try to learn from nature’s

rules to create. Let’s make a journey into the future of

fashion, of design with Cristina Celestino, of the

illustration with Katie Rodgers from @paperfashion and

of a spectacular new resort in the Dolomites, perfectly

integrated with the environment.



  • Fashion Today, the ability to read the lines
  • Cover story with the model Polina Sova
  • Must Have of the collections fall winter 2019/20
  • All the brands that love the fur free
  • All the fashion innovations
  • Time travel with Cristina Celestino, the designer in an exclusive interview
  • The Technology in beauty
  • @Paperfashion: the famous illustrator Katie Rodgers interviewed by Latest
  • Accessories trends FW19/20
  • Exhibitions not to be missed
  • Celine’s new menswear
  • Dolomiti’s Paradise is called Lefay Resort & spa

e 11 amazing editorials!






Marta Forgione, Laura Bobak



Giulia Greco, Ludovica Mucci, Federica Caiazzo, Marta Forgione



Xavi Prat, Domenico Petralia, Oliver Beckmann, Elizabeth Gibson, Julio Barcena, Johannes Graf,

Krzysztof Zabski, Detlef Schneider, Mag Juchnik, Stefano Sciuto, Edda Petursdottir & Lotte Thor



Blare Management, Timotej Letonja, Elite models Milano, Passepartout4u, MN-creative, Nina Klein,

The Hive management, Premier models, Trend model management, Munich models, Rebel models,

Mango models, Kathrin Hohberg, M4 models management, Phoenix Agentur, JS AGENCY.KR

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