DIGITAL S/S 2021 issue #18 – ENGLISH


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“more than a fashion magazine”



Password: Middle Way.

Evasion + Awareness. During these months I often wondered if I would have preferred (for obvious reasons) to give this issue a more festive or more internalised connotation. The reality is I’ve never agreed with 100% bad or 100% good story characters. There is no black and white in the real life. The right way is always the middle way. Clearly, thinking about the past year, it would be foolish to say that we don’t lack parties or levity of mind. I think this is the case for everyone and I am therefore happy to have realised editorials where we can smile and imagine spending a total freedom time with friends. At the same time, the awareness that this is not possible is still here yet, and hence the deeper reasoning regarding various current issues, obvious fears for the future and search for solutions. This is therefore not a totally insane or introverted issue, and LATEST in general will never be like this. We like the seriousness but also the necessary carefree to be able to be socially/politically active enough, when needed.


  • Afiya Bennett – cover story interview with the super model

  • Fashion Trends: what we’re going to love this season

  • Exhibitions not to be missed

  • Dan Pontarlier tells us how to live a sustainable and stylish life

  • Beauty products for this summer? The Answer is Fruit Power

  • Lavanya Coodly tells us about her fashion brand – interview

  • The perfect accessory guide for this spring / summer

  • The Changeable Bags of Elba Concept – interview

  • The Sustainable universe of Maren Jewellery – interview

  • Let’s find out how truly is sustainability, recycling & upcycling in interior design

  • and 12 amazing editorials!






Giulia Greco, Ludovica Mucci, Marta Forgione



Matallana, Ekin Can Bayrakdar, Domenico Petralia, Zoe Mcconnell, Giorgio Figini, Petra Vaessen, Weronika Kosińska, Alex Van Der Steen, Paul Whitfield, Stefano Lanza, Anthony Arquier, Norbert Bäres, Shauna Summers & Matthias Leton, Simon Lesley



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