F/W 2022 – ’23 issue #21 – ENGLISH print




“more than a fashion magazine”



Password: Lightheartedly.

This is a strange moment in the world, a moment that is psychologically destabilizing us and making everyone nervous. The Ukrainian situation that generates a highly worrying escalation, the shadow of Covid with the return of winter, the political extremisms that are recovering. All this situation makes it difficult to talk about fashion and “futile” topics. Then I think back to the birth of this magazine. The heaviness, the problems, the difficulties of life are always many. There is not a time when we live carefree without worries. So why not have some relief valves? Why not immerse yourself in art and fun when possible? Why not learn, even when it doesn’t seem possible, to shake off some of the bricks we carry with us? We don’t have to take the seriousness of life that we can’t change so seriously. This does not, of course, mean denying them or turning the head the other way. But we must learn to smile when we can, and sometimes it’s therapeutic to smile even when we can’t.




Melissa Stocchi



Diego Bendezu, Travis Matthews, Matt Butler, Alina Simmelbauer, Lotte Thor, Weronika Kosinska, Maxine van Endert, Sami Oliver Nakari, Sallyhateswing, Damian Weilers, Artur Prochinicki, Eva Schwank



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