F/W 2023 – ’24 issue #23 – ENGLISH digital



“more than a fashion magazine”



Password: Dawn.

Dawn, of course, understood as a new beginning. We have already experienced, so to speak, the post-pandemic characterised by fear, uncertainty, post-apocalyptic looks and warriors ready to brandish swords. But we have finally eviscerated enough and overcome, or so it seems, this terrible period. So we are ready for a return to normality, which can mean many things. Certainly in fashion there has been a complete turnaround that has brought many wearable looks without too many frills, close to a more sparkling and colourful side to celebrate the newfound serenity. In this issue we therefore take a journey together, also thanks to the editorial teams who par- ticipated, starting from this dawn. We therefore talk about everyday life, living in the city, smart working, the relationship with social networks and the relationship with our bodies. We also return to topics that are dear to us, such as climate change, sustainability in fashion, diversity and cultural elevation, and see how tourism could be an all-round answer to most of humanity’s problems.




Marta Forgione



Antonia MacBride, Lucie Hugary Ivan Jos, Mona Morali
Lukas Goldschmidt, DorotaGrzegorczyk Pedro Beraldo, Joaquin Burgueño
Ed Aked, Omar Macchiavelli
Eva Schwank, Victoria Huisman Ansgar Sollman, Marta Mamoń


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Agency Fifteen Minutes, Tigers management Mega Model Agency, Bigoudi
Neva Models, Traffic Models
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