S/S 2022 issue #20 – ENGLISH




“more than a fashion magazine”



Password? None.
And who said there must always be a rule? In these two years, we have followed many rules and we obviously continue to do so. But we are all already tested enough to want to include others in our imagination as well. We therefore create free spaces in which to feel happier. Spaces in which sexual orientations, different ethnicities and different body types do not have to account for anyone to feel comfortable. Spaces where the nature of our world is respected and loved. Spaces where we still have fun without thoughts and play with colors and oddities. Spaces that, we hope, will take away the winds of war and fear.





Patrick Schwalb, Alice Li, Diego Bendezu, Heinrich Benjamin, Rachell Smith, Julian Essink, Oliver Beckmann, Wiktor Malinowski, Weronika Kosińska, Giorgio Codazzi, Damian Weilers, Beppe Brancato, Lesley Edith, Kurt Lavastida, David PD Hyde, Giorgio Figini



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