S/S 2023 issue #22 – ENGLISH




“more than a fashion magazine”



Parola d’ordine: Courage.

Becoming a mother has triggered a myriad of changes in me. I had to find incredible willpower and courage to face some problems. What’s new, many will say, every mother has problems. But that was no way to complain. I just realized that, even if pushed to the limit, I can handle it like anyone. And that my thoughts and wishes are important, and my words can make a difference when used in the right way. 2022 ended with the loss of a Star. Vivienne Westwood was many things besides a great designer. Among other things, she has always been an icon of courage. The courage to speak her mind, the courage to say it again even if not listened to, the courage to be completely herself and the courage to deal with issues dear to her. And on this I will base my future and the future of LATEST. Being yourself, really being yourself, is never easy. But it makes you happy. Telling the world what we think sometimes seems pointless, but it is liberating.




Marta Forgione, Melissa Stocchi



Karoliina Bärlund, Oliver Beckmann, Reve Ryu, Kevin Aldrich, Sun Choi, Sebastian Vistisen Toft, Daniela Rettore, Edda Petursdotti, Cottonbro Studio



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