S/S 2024 issue #24 – ENGLISH digital



“more than a fashion magazine”



Password: self-analysis.

In a world as hectic as the one we live in, self-knowledge and self-acceptance is essential in order not to collapse into psychotic overtones. Our mind, contrary to what the well-wishers like to make us understand, is fragile and powerful at the same time. It only takes a click to become bulimic or to feel fulfilled by your life. Becoming masters of your own life and emotions is possible. You have to know yourself, accept your weaknesses, and at that point try to improve yourself as much as you can. Knowing your strengths is the key to self-fulfilment, whether at work or in the arts. By focusing on them, you will more easily and quickly succeed in doing something good, which will finally make you feel satisfied. We should also be careful to limit the ‘infinite desire’, – as I call it. A purely Western problem whereby we can never stop wanting more, even when we get what we wanted.




Marta Forgione, Martina Tondo



Genevieve Charbonneau, Yolanda Ng, Sergi Pons, Laora Queyras, Heinrich Benjamin, Robin Berglund, Daniel Suhre, Karolina Hubner, Lavina Solomonova, Josefine Laul, Abby Mair, Olesya Parfenyuk



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