PFW: the inevitable street looks

Thanks to the photographer Nick Leuze we followed the Paris fashion week from the “out of show” point of view too. The street style looks are now practically as followed as the…

#OOTD chosen by editor: Matrix

As we have already seen, after twenty years of its release, the Matrix movie returns to be a trend and to enchant the minds. The unmistakable style of its protagonists is back…


Same dress: 4 different look

Often, when we talk about sustainable clothes, or pieces that have a high cost (or medium-high) we tell ourselves that fast fashion always wins because everyone can afford it. And if we…

#OOTD chosen by editor: Oversize

As already seen in our fav influencers’ profiles, here we are with the trend of the moment for all body types, Oversize. Whether you choose it in a sporty style, like here…

#OOTD chosen by editor: jeans chic

As already seen in all the influencers’ profiles, jeans is still (and probably will always be) that inevitable piece because its totally versatility. We have chosen the chic style to find the…

#OOTD chosen by editor: sporty chic

As already seen, one of the most seen trends on web among influencers and fashion people is now the sporty chic. Each of us is desperately looking for the perfect outfit to…

#OOTD chosen by editor: camel+ecrù

As we have already seen, this fall / winter earth tones will not really be missing in your wardrobe. The classic camel coat, which is already an established must-have, goes perfectly with…

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http://“Gender%20Fluidity%20is%20one%20of%20the%20themes%20that%20the%20fashion%20system%20is%20going%20through%20today.%20And%20it%20is%20also%20one%20of%20the%20themes%20Latest%20loves%20more.%20Gender%20Fluidity%20is%20practically%20the%20invitation%20to%20discover%20yourself%20and%20not%20to%20be%20afraid%20to%20dare,%20create,%20imagine%20new%20perspectives.%20Reflecting%20on%20the%20possibility%20of%20choice,%20we%20found%20ourselves%20thinking%20that%20all%20the%20freedom%20we%20believe%20to%20possess%20is%20actually%20fictitious.%20We%20choose%20for%20ourselves,%20of%20course,%20but%20from%20a%20pre-compiled%20list.%20Thus,%20gender%20fluency%20can%20instead%20be%20a%20completely%20personal%20choice..%20And%20fashion%20can%20once%20again%20be%20the%20breeding%20ground%20for%20an%20experiment%20that%20helps%20us%20getting%20out%20of%20the%20box.” 1.4K 18