We could divide people who are unable to make great strides in fashion business into three macro categories. Those who overestimate themselves, those who underestimate themselves and those who simply complain. If you are not getting results, you are undoubtedly in one of these situations. How to understand which one and thus change your future? The FIRST step is to accept that you are doing something wrong.

Those who overestimate themselves: mostly they are simply entry level in this business and cannot (yet) see the difference between their current work’s value and that of others.

Those who underestimate themselves: they are convinced that their work is not, and above all it will never be at the bigs level.

Those who complain: they are most. If we talked in percentages we believe that at least 70% of people who give up are simply not working hard enough. Obviously there is a percentage that seems to be really denied for many reasons, but in most cases their situation could completely change with commitment. In this category there are all those who believe that anyone who has succeeded has made it because he had best contacts, because he had more money to invest etc, they don’t want to admit that simply someone was better than them, maybe even just to read their own reference market.


All these situations certainly lead you to make bad decisions, losing time, money and often without even realising it. We want to help you in this. Nobody can provide you THE answer, a spell, or a to-do list for sure success that really works. After all, not even those who spend 10 years studying medicine know for sure that he will become a cardio surgeon right? The truth, however for sure, is that there is a series of information on how a business works (in our case fashion) that are mostly unknown, and this leads you to make easily mistakes.

Do you believe the important thing is to have any publication in any magazine? Do you think the important thing is to be part of a team that shot a famous person? Do you think the important thing is to find an agency that represents you? Some answers could be positive, but ONLY if surrounded by a whole series of OTHER THINGS TO DO, OR NOT TO DO.

Marta Forgione, president and founder of LATEST magazine, photographer for 10 years, has studied and been interested in fashion for 24 years. After a long journey, also made of many mistakes, she’s here to help you avoid making a few. She has developed a super critical eye for fashion photography in general, and can also help you in this direction, both to improve if you are or want to become a fashion photographer, and to choose the right teams to collaborate with.