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“Charlotte McKinney” webcover of the month

“Charlotte McKinney” webcover of the month

The webcover star of the month is model and actress Charlotte McKinney. She appeared in a lot of magazines and brands’ ads, making her way up to the top starting from modeling at a very young age. However, acting has always been another of her deep passion and that’s why she’s been working in very different roles nowadays. From comedy to horror movies, up to Netflix’s original tv-series, McKinney’s success is on the way. We spoke with her about these topics and more, including her future projects and her wellness routine.

Photography Renee Parkhurst c/o No Name Management | Style Marc Eram
Hair Style Kiley Fitz | Makeup Carly Fisher

So far, you have appeared on several magazines and represented many brands. Have you always wanted to be a model? How did your career start? 

Yes! From a very early age I always knew that I had to find a way to be in the entertainment industry. I dropped out of high school and moved to Miami to start modeling. It took a long time for me to break into the industry. I knew no one and had to work  hard and suffer a lot of rejection to prove myself. It sure didn’t happen overnight. 

Has acting always been also a dream of yours? How was your first experience on set? 

Oh yes it truly was. I always wanted to pursue acting and I used modeling to get my foot in the door. My first time on set was everything I had hoped it would be and I knew then and there it was something I wanted to make a career of…i fell in love with it.

You participated in several movies and tv-series, all of which had an incredible success; just to name a few, you starred on Paramount Pictures’ BAYWATCH, 2B/ Sony Pictures’ First We Take Brooklyn, which was also nominated with two Academy Awards, and finally several Netflix original products like the comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the feminist series A Girl Is a Gun. Any anecdotes from the sets you would like to share with us? How’s been working in such different realities?

I feel so grateful to have worked on some amazing projects like the ones you mentioned. Each job is different from the other but working and learning while watching everyone on set from the actors to the directors and all involved is the best part. I like observing people when the cameras are off. I still haven’t made it in the acting world so I am constantly working towards my goals. I’m fortunate to have a great acting coach that I spend a lot of time working with as well.

When you’re not modeling or acting, you also dedicate yourself to humanitarian causes. Can you tell us more about Best Buddies and the activities you do with the association? 

My involvement with Best Buddies started in high school. The more people I met with disabilities and the time I spent with them the more my eyes were opened to their special abilities. People with humor and kindness with so much love to share. I have made some deep long lasting friendships that I truly treasure. Working with Best Buddies brings me joy and makes me see what’s really important. Plus we just have a lot of fun.

After the anthology horror Phobias and Sony Pictures’ supernatural horror Fantasy Island, which aired in 2020, do you have other projects in the making? Would you consider making another horror movie? 

Funny enough..I have read for a couple of horror movies recently and may be working on another one in the fall (hush hush) I started with comedy and that’s always been my passion but horror films can be super fun. Its very different so i hope i get to do more in the future. 

How was your experience filming one episode of TRU TV’s Fast Foodies? Given your passion for a healthy diet and clean food, has this competition been challenging on any level?

Fast Foodies was an absolute blast! My guilty pleasure is watching the food network so getting to judge an actual food show was my dream day. As for my diet, I believe in balance. I got to enjoy different foods and the chefs accommodated my dietary needs. I would love to do it again.

Do you have any advice for those who are just starting out practicing yoga or Pilates? Any secrets you would like to share with us?

Yeah I started Yoga at a super young age. I was struggling in school and it helped me with my focus and is vital to me for stress relief. My advice to anyone who has never done it is start slow with beginner classes so you learn the correct way to do the exercises and stretches then build your way up. When you jump right into a hard class it makes you never wanna go again…so i say slow and steady at the beginning and you will come to love it and experience how much it helps the mind and body.

What is your skincare and diet routine? How do you manage to start the day with the right foot?

My skincare is super important to me. I’ve been using Dr Barbara Sturm products for years now. I met her about 5 years ago and totally connected with her and how she views skincare. I believe it’s important to not jump around trying new products all the time but sticking with one line or routine is key and for me its Dr Barbara. From her hyaluronic serum to anti aging creams she has it all! She is also a big proponent of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle which is my diet routine. I suffer from chronic illness so it’s extremely important to me that I’m nourishing my body and reducing inflammation as much as possible.  I start my day by hydrating with water as soon as I wake up, do my skin care routine then off to hot yoga to sweat it out and get in a good workout.  My brain works better when I start out with a solid workout.


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