Exclusive interview with the confident queen Achieng Agutu

There is absolutely nothing that can bring down an incredible personality like that of Achieng Agutu. Born and raised in Kenya, she was later educated in the United States in Richmond by her host family. She has since taken to social media to share her joie de vivre, and the important message that we can all be queens, if we feel like that, with as many people as possible. Her irrepressible positivity has quickly gone viral and she has already landed collaborations with major brands. Let’s get to know her better together.

Speaking of self-esteem, could you list what women should do to feel more proud of themselves and their bodies?

Moving their bodies is fun to see what your body can do, whether that’s rock climbing, dancing, or swimming – movement is the best thing to do to feel more proud,

The fashion industry is doing so much to encourage body-positive beauty: from the runways to magazines, we finally see more diversity. But what is it that is still missing in your opinion?

Nothing missing but more saturation, more diversity in body types, and shapes sizes and color. 

You have already collaborated with several successful brands. What is the brand you most hope to have “on your customer list” in the future?

Beyonce’s Ivy Park.

As an awesome content creator, you clearly have a large following on social media. How do you approach this world and your followers?

Authenticity, makings sure listening to their stories and DM’S comments, and checking in with audience for Q+A’s!

Let’s talk about the haters instead, even if our approach is simply “ignore and move on”. What advice would you give to young creators?

Anything with is negative is projecting on themselves and not you, put on back burner and live your sexy life.

Prefer to keep your private life separate from Internet? And if so, how do you do it?

Absolutely, I put so much of myself online already, I want to keep some things to myself.

During your studies we know that you have been disadvantaged, being the only black girl in most of your classes. Clearly your exciting personality did not let you down and you actually used the difficulties to build strength and courage. But what would you say to people in similar situations, who don’t have a strong character?

True, I would say that, its okay to walk into places and take up space – be vibrant. Its easy to act small, you have to think big instead, and own that space, practice confidence and get the best out of your experience.

Do you have any project in the pipeline that you would like to give us a preview of?

Podcast called The Queen’s Archives and Sports Illustrated. 


"more than a fashion magazine"



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