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“Giorgio Armani: the road to recovery traces back to our very origins”

“Giorgio Armani: the road to recovery traces back to our very origins”

Last week Mr Giorgio Armani spoke to the press once again, about the current situation and, above all, the future situation. In all of it indeed, Giorgio Armani imposed himself as absolute vate, at least in the Italian fashion system.

First of all, his fashion show with doors closed when everybody was still unaware of the gravity of Covid-19 in Europe. Then he gave voice to thoughts that perhaps we all had, more or less in our conscience, but no one clearly expressed. The system must be slowed down and it must be done immediately, with all the consequences that this reversal will bring. If this is the best decision only time will tell, but Armani is ready to bet on it and we hope that his predictions are right. As usually are.
This slowdown also includes a return to our origins, to local fashion. He follows words with facts and declares that, from next January, his haute couture will be shown in Milan rather than Paris. Precisely, in the historic headquarters of the brand, Palazzo Orsini.

Perhaps, Armani wishes, other Italian brands will follow his example, bringing back Italian fashion to its homeland. It would be not only an important gesture for the restart of our country, but also “an excellent opportunity to team up. Which we have not been good at so far, on the contrary of French”.
Italy is, after all, a land of beauty and wonders, even if we don’t always realize it. And it is also the country with thousands of resources. We need to believe in it and to work on it. And even if it is easier said than done, Giorgio Armani seems to have an answers to everything and, even if a precise plan is now difficult to picture, he is ready to listen to his consumer and, thus, imposed himself once again as a great name in the world of fashion.

We hope that Armani’s advice will be listened to and understood even and especially by younger designers. It is important that they posed themselves as decisions makers, sources of new ideas and innovations.
“But” Armani concludes “luxury takes time to be realized and to be appreciated”. And, we add, a profound and visionary knowledge of the field – like the one Armani possesses – is something that must be cultivated over time, which requires no hurry but only a lot of love and a humble and profound growth. A lesson to learn, today more than ever.

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