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Milan Fashion Week: Dolce & Gabbana SS21

Milan Fashion Week: Dolce & Gabbana SS21

Dolce&Gabbana’s Spring 2021 collection has been shown in Milan a couple of days ago. The artistic duo came back recently in the traditional Fashion Week panel, a meaningful act which had, of course, economic aftermath as well, for the metropolitan city that was the main victim of Covid19 in Italy. The reunion is a way of reaching out to each other, leaving behind past disagreements in order to build a future together.

The collection is based on the same idea. Inspired by the patchwork technique, it is composed of pieces that follow the usual Dolce&Gabbana’s aesthetic (hourglass shape dresses, sensuality and perfect tailoring), and then adding the patchwork technique: “scrapbooks” of fabrics, prints and past suggestions put together to visualize the work of Domenico and Stefano throughout the last two decades. 

The collection is rich and lavish, 99 looks which celebrate inventive, aspirations and, of course, the very strong and nursing connection with the motherland Italy. Every one of use, during the lockdown, learned something different. Many have, for example, learned how to appreciate again their country. For Dolce and Gabbana, whose love for Italy was present and healthy since their very beginning, the lockdown served as a space where to put the pieces together, listing all the beautiful things worth loving in Italy. Flowers, colours, sensuality in the animalier, the gold encrusted in the ceilings of the churches, the blue motifs used in pottery in the South. And again, Sicilian  drawings, bright and intense red, the incredible mix of cultures which made the Mediterranean sea the center of art and culture. 

Cover image courtesy: by Alessandro Lucioni


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