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New York Fashion Week: Tom Ford SS 21

New York Fashion Week: Tom Ford SS 21

Post lockdown collections are split into two categories, one very down to Earth, committed to the situation, the other devoted to a joyful escapism, meant to give us some rest. There is no “best” way to face what we are going through, maybe we need both the visions. It is however important to share hope, in both cases. 

Tom Ford Spring 2021 collection is cheerful, carefree and over the top. Not only because of the two models, happy and smiling in every picture, but especially because of the looks, which convey a great deal of energy. Every garment is soft and silky. Evan blazer, that has a defined structure, fall gently on the body. Nothing forces it in this fantastic evasion. 

Prints are the real focus – leo, flowers and diy – together with flashy colours. We liked especially the maxi gown in black with red, pink and purple flames. Accessories are taken from the 70s: small foulard wrapped around the neck and maxi aviator. Tom Ford got indeed inspired by the fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, whose work – in the 70s indeed – used to hold models’ beauty on the paper, saving it from the passage of time. This collection does more or less the same. It preserves the joyfulness of fashion, its aesthetic raison d’etre, keeping it safe from the shakes of reality. 

Cover image courtesy Tom Ford


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