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Prada Re-Nylon #1 Arizona: the sustainable collection

Prada Re-Nylon #1 Arizona: the sustainable collection

The future of our planet has always been a responsibility from which many have dissociated, not considering it an urgent situation on which we have to work on. However, with the progressive wind of change that we have witnessed in these last few years, it can be said that some significant steps forward have been made.

all images courtesy of Prada

An example of this commitment is the Re-Nylon initiative first promoted by Prada in collaboration with the National Geographic, which has prepared a short-documentary series titled: “What WeCarry”. This short-films want to inform the public about the recycling activities and the Prada Re-Nylon reality at large, traveling through Africa, America, Asia, Oceania to Europe.

The first episode is focused on Phoenix in Arizona, where Prada Re-Nylon ambassador and actressBonnie Wright and National Geographic explorer and creative conservationist Asher Jay take us through a journey of discovery in the first carpet recycling facility in US. Here the ECONYL is produced out of the recycled materials. The two reporters follow the process of this new circular supply chain voted to the regeneration of materials.

The collection Prada Re-Nylon is made of six iconic Prada bags for men and women made of this regenerated nylon yarn.


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