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Timberland’s plan to protect the environment

Timberland’s plan to protect the environment

Timberland Group announces a new production strategy with “net positive”. By 2030, the brand is committed to giving back what has been taken from the environment.

Two are the fundamental points of the plan. To make 100% of the products with a circular design and to use 100% of the materials obtained from regenerative agriculture. The circular design will have an extremely important function, as its use favors the creation of products with no waste, therefore creating a zero-impact supply chain. The use of materials from regenerative agriculture will make a further contribution to the initiative, determining not only a zero impact but also a net positive for the environment.

The “net positive” plan proceeds concurrently with the Nature Needs Heroes campaign. This movement in favor of the environment is led by young activists who, in recent years, have become the face of the green revolution.

Colleen Vien, Timberland’s director of sustainability, hopes that other fashion houses will also join this venture to protect the environment and give a further boost to the commitment to sustainability.

“We have always believed that a greener future is a better future. At the same time, we are extremely aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Although Timberland has been working for decades to reduce our environmental impact, we feel the time has come to step up our efforts even further. “

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