“Chelsea Talmadge” from Stranger Things – interview

“Macy Mariano” – interview to the travel lover blogger

The small forest’s guardians of Lisa Wright – interview

“Owen Gould” – intervista all’ hair stylist stellare

Luisa Neubauer – interview with this German Activist who’s really trying to change the world

“Bones and Flowers – interview to Emma Witter”

“Stefanie Gurzanski: the (genuine) way of influencing”

“Daniel Chinchilla: the celebrities’ makeup artist”

“AISPI: the new fashion platform – interview”

David PD Hyde: knowing the rules to break them – interview

Photography and nature with Synchrodogs – interview

Paper Fashion: an exclusive interview with the Artist Katie Rodgers

Time-Travel with Cristina Celestino

Exclusive interview with Michael Vlamis from Roswell, New Mexico

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